Value-added sales 2

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Value-added sales 2

The Value-Added Sales 2 program builds on SalesFactory’s Value-Added Sales 1 program and is a highly interactive workshop for B2B sales. The new role as “value driver” in sales requires high expertise in dialogue. Leading the buyer/prospect from a problem to a solution is a task. To anchor this solution with the buyer/prospective buyer using business management based dialog techniques is the next step. The detailed quantification of your added values compared to the problem and compared to your competitors is the high customer, which is trained in the added value sales 2. We pass on preparation tools, implementation aids and a lot of practical transfer. The salesperson learns techniques in Pencil Selling to visualize the added values. Another learning focus is recognizing more complex decision maker structures and negotiating access to multiple decision makers.

What participants learn

  • In-depth learning of sales dialogue with value-added quantification
  • Good business insight into customers and their logical justifications for buying decisions
  • Recognize decision maker structures in companies and negotiate approaches
  • Analysis and realization that you are discussing the project with the right decision makers
  • In-depth closing technique and negotiation skills

Your Business Outcomes

  • Quantify and add value to customer dialog
  • Pencil selling
  • Better implementation of decision maker access
  • Higher closing rates through professional value-added dialogue

Possible formats

  • Online Live Workshop
  • In-person training with Dual Efficiency method

Target group

  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Salesperson
  • Inside Sales
  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Application Engineers


  • Online Live Workshop: 4×4 hours
  • In-person training: 2 days


  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • French

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