Using social media in a targeted manner

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Using social media in a targeted manner

Social media offers a wide range of different access points to build up, expand and maintain one’s own network in the long term.

With the targeted use of social media tools (such as LinkedIn) in your own company, you have a significant competitive advantage over other competitors.

Why? – The earlier you reach or accompany the customer within his “customer journey”, the more likely it is that a successful conclusion will be reached and, at best, additional customer loyalty will be created.

With linkedin to new business opportunities

  • Do I know my target group?
  • How do I reach new target persons?
  • What are the limits of this strategy?
  • How do I convey the right messages?

Your Business Outcome

  • Methodical use of the business networking tool LinkedIn
  • Reaching new target persons (manually or semi-automatically)
  • Professional, digital appearance within the network

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