Solution selling® training­program

Learn to think in terms of solutions

What is Solution Selling® ?

In short: You don`t sell products or features; instead, you offer solutions to the challenges customers are having and highlight the added value they are getting through the solutions.

The globally renowned Solution Selling® training methodology specifically prepares sales people for the new buying behaviour in the digital age. 

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Solution Selling® Training programm

The SPI Solution Selling® training program has trained more than 1.5 million sales professionals to date.

According to the results of the independent Aberdeen Research study, the program has been a complete success:

The closing rate has increased by 20% as a result of the training. Compared to other sales-promoting training measures, Solution Selling® also leads to more deals and more satisfied customers.

What our customers say

“The SALESFACTORY sales training series brought noticeable changes to our sales team within the first 12 months. We took a much more focused approach to specific projects, knew our unique selling points and were able to present these to customers as added value. This helped us to increase our margins by an average of 5% and also to increase our closing rate so that we were able to increase the average turnover per sales representative by 10%.”

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