Social Media Selling – create new business opportunities with LinkedIn

  • Do I know my target group?
  • How do I reach new target persons?
  • What are the limits of this strategy?
  • How do I convey the right messages?

These are important questions that almost every company must deal with sooner or later. The following figures speak for themselves: 

Facts & figures

More than 18 million people in the GSA region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) and around 830 million people worldwide use the LinkedIn platform. The exchange between users has increased by 48% in 2021. These figures confirm that not only the number of users is increasing, but it also proves that the medium is actively used. (LinkedIn Statistics 2022)

So, the bottom line is this: These days, without active social media selling – most businesses aren´t going as well as they should.

From the buyer persona to customer journey

With the targeted use of social media tools (such as LinkedIn) in your own company, you have a significant competitive advantage over other competitors.

Why? – The earlier you reach and/or accompany the customer within his “customer journey”, the more likely it is, that a successful conclusion can be reached and, in the best case, additional customer loyalty will result.

One size fits it all - Recognize the limits

It is also important to ask, to what extent do I benefit from using this medium? Even if it means an additional contact channel for new business opportunities, target groups or industries – each company must still weigh things up individually:

In what way does this medium suit your own company, your customers and is it compatible with your corporate identity? Social media selling is definitely no longer a dream of the future, but it is does not serve as a universal cure for all the challenges a company has to master.

Story telling - Getting the right messages across

Become visible as a subject matter expert, so that it helps you fill your lead pipeline. This requires precise value-added messages whose creation is possible with simple tools. Are you ready for your future customers, their requirements and their “pains”?

Learn how to methodically use this business networking tool and reach new target persons manually or semi-automatically.


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