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Sales Training with Dual Efficiency Method

The Dual Efficiency Method in our sales trainings is an additional module, where we offer the possibility during a group training, to respond specifically and very individually to the individual participants.

The training takes place with 2 specially coached trainers. One for the plenary training and the group work and a second trainer for the individual training. Group and individual training are specially didactically adapted to customers. This greatly accelerates the speed of implementation and the learning curve, allowing us to pack 4 learning days into 2!

The Dual Efficiency Method therefore guarantees training success in three ways:

  • Each training is meticulously prepared for your key topics and relevant practical examples are run through with group work.
  • Every single participant receives individual feedback & coaching
  • Your sales staff will be back faster in daily business.

Solution Selling

Technical products? Services that require explanation? Medium to long cycles? Complex decision-making structures?

Solution Selling is a globally recognized sales methodology that focuses on the customer with his needs, problems and requirements. This means effectively aligning your own sales process with the buyer and the people involved in the decision-making process at every point in the buying decision. This significantly increases the chances of winning.

We have been working with this approach to Sales Execution for over 10 years. In times of digital information gathering and complex B2B sales processes, it is important to think from the customer’s point of view and act as a competent consultant who takes care of the customer’s challenges and problems. This means professional preparation for the stakeholders, their challenges and problems and the added value your company can deliver.

Further, it is about gaining access to the decision maker, having consultative conversations and then setting binding plans and next steps to bring the deal to a successful conclusion.

More than 1.5 million sales professionals have been trained with Solution Selling® sales training to date. According to the results of the independent Aberdeen Reseach study, the closing rate increased by 20% as a result of the training. Compared to other sales training, Solution Selling® also leads to larger deals, shorter sales cycles and more satisfied customers.

Sales Coaching

Sales training is a small part of bringing about behavior change in sales. The much larger part happens in daily work and “on the job coaching”.

Bersin and Associates Research conducted a survey of 750 companies and it confirms that the No1 factor for better business results is an established coaching program.

The top 3 reasons for coaching are:

  • Faster learning
  • Effectively change behavior
  • Achieve better results

The multiplier to achieve improved results and behavior change clearly lies with sales leadership and the tools used for coaching are the classic pipeline/opportunity and skill coaching tools.

Are there enough opportunities in the pipeline for you to achieve the goals, are the opportunities large enough and do they move through the pipeline in a reasonable amount of time, and are they balanced? Typical questions for coaching sessions.

It is important to differentiate between leading and coaching and also to recognize that coaching is a time-limited activity, that coaching needs to be adapted to the particular sales person, that it is about asking the right questions and not presenting the solutions yourself.

Preparing for the coaching session, a clear agenda, disruption-free time, a coaching model to ask the right questions and next binding steps help to get the most out of coaching.

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