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SalesFactory, in cooperation with our strategic partner SPI, offers you with the SPI-1 platform a sales enablement technology to specifically support Solution Selling® methods across the entire Customer Journey. There are over 180 Digital Microlessons for sales skills in 7 languages available for you to use immediately! The adaptive online learning system provides both salespersons and sales managers with intelligent, automated support for consistent application of newly learned methods and skills.

How does the SPI-1 online platform work?

SPI One sales enablement

Discover our latest feature

The Conversation Genius TM provides sales professionals with an innovative sales enablement tool that enables them to have expert conversations with buyers (across specific industries and roles). The biggest challenge for sales organizations is to create and maintain a high level of “Situational Fluency” for salespersons. To be successful in solution selling, salespersons need the ability to address the specific business problems, explore the underlying reasons, and discuss what would help the customer eliminate those problems. Conversation Genius offers innovative technology to solve the problem of “situational fluency:
Conversation Genius TM can be used for any sales method and ensures that a company’s brand promise and key messages are fully understood and consistently communicated across the sales channel.

A virtual platform for many challenges

Sales managers, marketing staff and salespersons pull together, but face different challenges. The right messages need to be delivered consistently, salespeople need to implement new sales approaches without technical support, and managers are challenged to objectively evaluate business opportunities. With SPI’s intelligent technology, you ensure a consistent brand experience for your customers and support your sales, marketing and management staff exactly where other sales training ends, namely in the immediate application and consolidation of new approaches. The platform is an immediate reinforcement in the workplace that can be used to transform new impulses into consistent action.

Marketing and product management

Create and distribute automated sales call guides

Key Account Management

Create plans for successful revenue growth with existing, strategic customers

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CEO SalesFactory Günther Kirchberger
Günter Kirchberger is the managing director of SalesFactory and has been guiding sales managers and salespeople in improving their sales performance for more than 15 years.