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Sales Consulting | Sales Excellence

Realize hidden growth opportunities

Design your desired growth through Sales Consulting. View and optimize opportunities in the market, internal sales productivity from time to time. We accompany and steer methodically with the Sales Factory Excellence method developed by us. Supported by our success formula we get to the point.

Quick Check Sales Excellence
  • Analysis strategy/status product/market opportunities
  • Analysis of unique selling proposition and added value
  • Lead generation potential

Get our free Quick Check. Included is an initial analysis and honest feedback on your strengths/weaknesses and meaningful quick win measures.

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Potential Workshop - Sales Excellence

2-day workshop includes:

  • Sales strategy analysis
  • Prioritization of product/market opportunities
  • Unique selling proposition and excellence
  • Lead mechanics for growth
  • Sales policy on the test bench


Results presentation:

  • Maturity analysis
  • Growth measures
  • Impact ROI
  • Sales reviews (audits to verify the measure)

Sales development with Sales Factory

We develop sales optimization strategies, design customer-focused sales processes, train sales teams on them and actively support the sales transformation in your company. In this way, we succeed in implementing sustainable processes that are actually lived by every single employee in sales.

Sales Analysis - Sales Strategy

Where are we and where do we want to go?

Good sales performance requires a good marketing concept. We analyze your sales organization in the context of your marketing goals, strategies and plans.

We present the current state, quantify existing potentials, define the target state and formulate a suitable Sales Transformation Strategy.

Sales Process Design - Sales Concept

We define every step.

We design sales processes based on how your customers buy. Whether your sales situation is simple or highly complex, we identify your customer’s behavior and expectations and create the optimal sales process stages and activities. We replace intuitive approaches with data- and fact-based, clearly defined action sequences.

Even good salespeople are inefficient without an effective sales system. Because without bindingly defined processes, tools and language, everyone in the sales team works according to their own ideas. This drastically reduces predictability, performance and profitability.

Sales training

We empower the sales teams.

In order to achieve good sales performance, it is important to meet the diverse development needs of the individual employees in the sales teams with individual training.

We put together a training program from our training modules according to requirements and defined goals

  • Modern sales management
  • Strategic business opportunity planning
  • Management of the sales funnel
  • Proper customer planning and management
  • Systematic needs assessment
  • Professional sales presentations and negotiations
  • Effective key account management
  • Solution Selling™ process, methods and skills.
  • As well as modules for many other sales topics.

Depending on your needs, our trainings are designed as classroom trainings, e-learnings or blended learnings.

Sales transformation

We ensure that the optimization initiative also leads to success.

Socio-technical systems such as sales organizations have a considerable capacity to persist. To ensure that the optimization initiative not only incurs costs but also leads to the desired results in a secured manner, we accompany our customers through the entire sales transformation process.

The use of innovative systems such as the Sales Performance Improvement Platform SPI-1™ offers the opportunity to gain real-time, data-based insights into whether the planned methods are being applied and mastered by the members of the sales team. At the same time, employees are provided with tools to solidify and confidently apply the methods they have learned. Sales management has complete transparency regarding progress in behavior change and related sales performance.

So that the set goals are achieved faster, with lower costs and minimized risk.

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Günter Kirchberger is the managing director of SalesFactory and has been guiding sales managers and salespeople in improving their sales performance for more than 15 years.

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Mag. Günter Kirchberger ist Geschäftsführer der SalesFactory und begleitet seit über 15 Jahren Vertriebsleiter und Verkäufer bei der Steigerung ihrer Salesperformance.