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SALESFACTORY’s Sales Transformation Program has enabled us as a company to focus more consciously on our markets. The integrated sales training helped us to increase our sales by more than 50% in the last 2 years. In particular, the focus on the right customers and the more accurate assessment of project opportunities were the key to our success.
Plastics processing company with 50 employees

The SALESFACTORY sales training series brought about noticeable changes in our sales team within the first 12 months. We approached specific projects in a much more focused way, knowing our unique selling points and being able to present them to customers as added value. This helped us to increase our margins by an average of 5% and also to increase our closing ratio to such an extent that we were able to increase average sales per sales representative by 10%.

Electronics company with 200 employees

SALESFACTORY’s customized sales academy trained our global technical sales force in the application of a clearly defined sales process. In particular, the individual improvement suggestions for each employee through the dual training also helped us to achieve new efficiency. Over the past 3 years, our technical salespeople have increased their per capita sales by more than 50% and their margins by 12%.
Technology company with 500 employees

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