Our Public Trainings

Public Trainings 2023

In addition to our individual training modules, you also have the option of benefiting from our open training sessions.

With this option, we offer you targeted sales training on current topics. As a kind of additional benefit, you can use the time to actively network with other participants (from other companies, industries or organizational forms) and make contacts accordingly.

Why open training?

  • Targeted sales topics
  • Possibility to deepen specific topics
  • Networking
  • Exchange among each other and mutual learning from each other
  • special needs for individual persons in the company

Value Added Sales

The constantly changing buyer behavior poses new challenges for today’s sales personalities. Customer expectations, active listening, digital media – factors that form the basis of a successful sales pitch.

As a result, new customers can be approached in a targeted manner and the number of leads increases. This in turn increases the closing rate, which contributes significantly to success.

Also take advantage of digitization funding! (up to max. 80% possible)

Presentation Techniques

Effective presenting for beginners and also professionals in sales:

  • Self-confident appearance and competent effect
  • Authentic storytelling and wording
  • Goal-oriented use and competent handling of media
  • Professional preparation of slides (content, layout, design, key message)
  • Supported transfer into professional practice

Sales Management & Coaching

Our workshop especially for sales managers, team leaders and general managers:

  • Sales Management Process Overview
  • Increasing closing ratios
  • Learn and successfully apply “GRAF” coaching methodology
  • KPI’s of a sales pipeline and their analysis
  • Recognizing the ability potentials of sales employees
  • Leading sales employees according to their respective personality patterns

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