Productive Client Time

Social Selling - Virtual Selling - Hybrid Selling

More time with customers

What would it mean for your company if your sales staff were given an additional 30-40 days for productive customer meetings and new acquisitions?

5.000.000 Salespeople in the DACH region. Each individual spends an average of 50 days in their car, with a further 20 days spent waiting between appointments. (Ruhr University Bochum study, 2021)

70 days per year with 200 working days, that’s almost 30%.

The methodical Productive Client Time model is the smart way to more customers and sales growth. Address untapped potential directly and quickly:

The targeted use of digital media, the correct selection and prioritization of physical appointments over remote appointments creates enormous scope for additional sales talks, better appointment preparation and more intensive market development with additional digital media.

More time with the customer requires good planning. Which customers, which channels and which tools provide the right mix.

Depending on the situation, the “Productive Client Time” module is modeled in 1-3 days with your framework conditions. In defined online live training series, your sales staff are trained to use “virtual tools” in the right situations, leading to higher productivity.

Are you interested in increasing your Productive Client Time with your sales team?