Presentations skills

Confident presentations in front of customers and larger groups.

Strengthen your self-confidence – prevent stage fright!

Effective presentations are of increasing importance in sales. However, the necessary “presentation skills” are often poorly developed or no longer state of the art.

This active practical training is aimed at beginners as well as professionals in sales in order to close this competence gap.

In entertaining training units with practical simulations, the basis is created for presenting to B2B audiences with confidence, precision and focus.

What participants learn

  • Self-confident appearance and competent effect
  • Goal-oriented use and competent handling of media
  • Confident handling of questions

Your Business Outcomes

  • Through active practical training, the competent external effect is strengthened (body language, voice, wording)
  • Presenting your company confidently and to the point

Possible formats

  • public training

Target group

  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Managing Director


  • 2 days

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