Our Learning Methods

Dual Efficiency Method

The Dual Efficiency Method in our sales trainings is an additional module, where we offer the possibility during a group training, to respond specifically and very individually to the individual participants.

The training then takes place with 2 specially trained trainers. One for the plenary training and the group work and a second trainer for the individual training. Group and individual training are specially didactically adapted to customers. This greatly accelerates the speed of implementation and the learning curve, allowing us to pack 4 learning days into 2!

The Dual Efficiency Method therefore guarantees training success in three ways:

  • Each training is meticulously prepared for your key topics and relevant practical examples are run through with group work.
  • Every single participant receives individual feedback & coaching
  • Your sales staff will be back in the daily business faster.

Learning Apps

The learning apps we use contain compact learning content. They serve to convey fast and, above all, precise learning content. It is also possible to incorporate a kind of “gaming character” to make the learning process even more creative and exciting.

The different learning apps are available for download for the individual workshop participants.

How exactly can success with this tool be determined?

  • The respective company can see exactly on which (knowledge) level the individual employees are.
  • Each participant can complete the individual tasks or learning units, some of them with quiz character, and decide when to do so.
  • Individual participants can “match” each other or compete against each other in a kind of “quiz”.


This learning platform is also used for longer periods of time to complete more extensive learning sections. Participants have the possibility to check their current knowledge at any time. The individual learning success is comprehensible for participants at any time.

Recognizable success with this learning method:

  • Every participant has the possibility to check his individual learning status at any time (24h/day – online).
  • Learning units/learning paths build on each other (like learning modules)
  • Clear presentation of the respective learning units at a glance & with just one click

Workshops (presence & online)

Our workshops can all be held as presence workshops and also via online live workshop.

The workshops differ depending on the topics or contents. Basically there are trainings that last half a day or a whole day. Depending on the module, there are also trainings that build up: e.g.: 2-day trainings.

The training success of our workshops:

  • Each training can be held individually according to customer requirements as a presence or online event.
  • Each participant receives individual feedback & coaching

Interactive tools

Using different tools to deepen the content learned:

During our trainings we use tools like: Chats, role plays, small group work (ex: via Kahoot – this is a game based learning platform). After our trainings we enable participants to participate in surveys (feedback on the workshop/training) (eg: via Mentimeter – a tool for online surveys and analysis)

Many benefits for participants:

  • Convey learning content during the training in an even more practice-oriented way with the help of the appropriate tools. 
  • After the training is before the training: Important inputs can be recorded and implemented for future trainings.
  • The repetition of the content is demonstrably better remembered.


You would like to book some workshops for your employees through us, but have different locations all over Europe? Benefit from our training offer in a wide range of languages!

Your future workshops are possible in the following languages:

  • german
  • english
  • spanish
  • italian
  • french


Access what you have learned at any time? With our high-quality content documents, this is possible at any time. With our “Sales Handbook” you have the possibility to recall the respective completed modules whenever you want.

We are also happy to provide you with individual checklists and general templates for your further use.

  • The training materials are available as print version as well as in digital form.
  • Each individual participant can view the desired training content at any time
  • Complementary to learning results from group work or also learning platforms

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