Digital Sales

Bring more precision and speed to your sales in a flexible and pinpoint manner.

Digital Sales means being more agile and customer-centric in recognizing and implementing your opportunities with regard to the productivity of your sales organization. Digital sales as an engine for your growth!

In Traditional Selling, the varnish is cracking!

We are rapidly moving into a hybrid world where buying decisions are more and more being developed and made digitally. In times where more and more rely on the “sales expert Google”, it becomes increasingly difficult to be heard. The hybrid world makes it easy for anyone to get information. Digital sales is the answer to these rapid changes.


From buyers ask like-minded people on social media about their tasks.


Research is conducted until initial contact is made with a sales consultant.


The buyer develop their own buying vision in advance before they contact sellers for the first time.

This is precisely why sales teams need a new way of thinking – more agile, more digital, more active as topic leaders in digital media, and always focused on the customer.

Digitization brings enormous productivity boosts for sales. Using the right digital tools productively, efficiently and with a high enthusiasm rate is today’s challenge.

Dealing with social media, agile use of virtual communication tools, rethought playbooks in customer acquisition are future success drivers.

And the new buyers also require new roles in sales. We demonstrate and train this adaptation as:

In the new environment of digitalization!

CRM - Consulting

Valuable data - easy to use

Quality of data instead of garbage! Ease of use instead of a thousand clicks! Image of the future instead of control of the past!

Digital sales also includes the correct application of CRM. Today, CRM is much more than a database. Today it is the connecting element between marketing and sales. Your valuable contacts, your pipeline for a healthy future, your analytics tool for future strategic focus, your automated communication tool with potential buyers.

But how do you establish a beneficial CRM? How do you achieve a high level of acceptance among sales staff and link CRM with helpful workflows for customer communication?

Our practical experience of more than 100 sales process and CRM projects gives you the decisive advantage to use this digital tool efficiently.

And as a partner of Hubspot in our sister company LeadEngine, our group of companies is also there for rollouts.

More than 140 sales training modules

With more than 140 training modules available online, we have captured and digitized all the essential phases in the sales process for you, and these are ready for retrieval at any time.

Online and digital learning are valuable additions/extensions to our training courses and help you prepare for the content or repeat the relevant content after the training at any time, when and where you want.

On the one hand you can use the training modules digitally, on the other hand you can combine them with live/online trainings.

We will be happy to inform you about the modules/contents and how you can access them very easily.

If you would like to learn more about how SalesFactory can help your business, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

More time with the customer

Social Selling - Virtual Selling - Hybrid Selling

5,000,000 salespeople in the DACH region. Each individual spends an average of 50 days sitting in his or her car, and another 20 days are characterized by waiting between appointments. (Study Ruhr University Bochum, 2021).

70 days per year – out of 200 working days, that’s almost 30%.


What would it mean for your company if your salespeople were given an additional 30 or 40 days for new acquisitions?

The targeted use of digital media, the correct selection and prioritization of physical appointments over remote appointments creates enormous free space for additional sales calls, better appointment preparation, more intensive market cultivation with additional digital media.

More time with the customer requires good planning. Which customers, which channels, which tools bring the right mix.

Depending on the situation, the “Productive Client Time” module is modeled in 1-3 days with your framework conditions. In defined online live training series, your sales staff will be trained to use “virtual tools” in the right case situations, thus leading to higher productivity.

The opportunities of virtual learning

Effective virtual learning does not require new technology. Rather, it’s about using existing technology properly. Recent events have given executives reason to rethink the way technology can be used to continue to train sales professionals and provide them with new classroom experiences.

What are the principles of an effective virtual training environment?

Each VILT workshop is led by a highly qualified sales trainer and consists of four four-hour sessions delivered via Zoom video conferencing.

Some key features of the virtual workshops are:

Digital learning environment

Online workshops are offered as part of the digital learning architecture based on blended learning platforms.

The digital learning environment is designed for maximum effectiveness. Therefore, there is an opportunity to prepare sales staff with an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses and teach them core concepts before the virtual workshop. This gives them enough time in the virtual workshop to apply the newly learned skills and receive targeted feedback from the trainer/facilitator.

After the workshop, the individual learning journey continues. The acquired knowledge is consolidated through practical application and digital content. This long-term approach makes it possible for each individual employee to ensure that new habits can actually take hold in everyday work.

Benefits of virtual sales training

Materials for the participants

Plan virtuelle Vertriebsschulung​

Virtual training

With the help of video and digital technology and our cooperation partners SPI and Richardson, and more than 40 years of experience in sales and education, workshops have been developed that are led virtually by trainers. Many years of trainer experience and the know-how from numerous face-to-face trainings flow into the virtual online trainings.


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CEO SalesFactory Günther Kirchberger
Günter Kirchberger is the managing director of SalesFactory and has been guiding sales managers and salespeople in improving their sales performance for more than 15 years.