Offer presentations and final negotiations

Sales training

Offer presentations and final negotiations

Offer presentations and closing negotiations are a key success factor in the sales process. This module helps your salespersons close more deals, on better terms and with fewer concessions. The specifics of virtual offer presentations and closing negotiations that can additionally influence negotiation success are covered, as well as building resistance to discount demands and looking at possible alternatives if the deal cannot be closed.

Training content

  • Maintain control over the sales process with the formula for success
  • Bidding and meeting
  • Negotiation preparation and tactics
  • What’s different about virtual negotiating?
  • Give/take list
  • Noticing closing signals and closing deals
  • Tips and traps

What participants learn

  • How I maintain control over the sales process and avoid delays at the end
  • Preparing for virtual closing negotiations
  • Using practical tools, building resistance and giving fewer concessions

Your Business Outcomes

  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Fewer concessions
  • Closing deals when face-to-face meetings are not possible

Possible formats

  • Online Live Workshop
  • In-person training with Dual Efficiency method

Target group

  • Salesperson
  • Sales Manager


  • Online Live Workshop: 120 minutes
  • In-person training: individual, as needed


  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • French

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