Customer and territory planning

Sales training

Customer and territory planning

The Targeted Customer and Territory Sales training program teaches salespersons to efficiently segment their customers by sales potential and relationship level, prioritize coverage of their most lucrative customers, and develop effective business development plans for the entire sales territory.

What participants learn

  • How to determine the number and types of opportunities needed to achieve territory sales goals
  • Segmentation of customers according to objective qualification criteria
  • Ways to identify the most promising customers for business development
  • How to develop a territory management strategy for all customers in the managed territory
  • A territory planning approach to maximize results

Your Business Outcomes

  • Increased sales productivity
  • Increased sales from both new and existing customers
  • Lower cost of sales and improved profitability

Possible formats

  • Online Live Workshop
  • In-person training with Dual Efficiency method

Target group

  • Salespersons who cover an assigned customer territory


  • Individual


  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • French

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