Change Talk - Motivating Conversation in Sales

The “I-want-to-sell-you-something” tactic is old-fashioned.

Motivational interviewing or Motivating Conversation is not about pressure or closing the next deal, but about the basic assumption that every customer has a certain motivation to change.


Change Talk is about helping the customer to explain to themselves the good reasons for change. The methodology of MI (motivational interviewing/change talk) has its origins in medicine, which has proven its positive effect in many scientific studies.

> More precisely: it is about the conversation between doctor and patient

It requires a certain basic attitude and certain questioning techniques.

How does change talk work in sales - 3 examples:


What can we do instead of “pleasing” the customer with facts and figures? Instead of trying to convey information straight away > ask open questions e.g.: “Your KPIs have recently been …, why do you think that happened?” Change Talk: Before we overwhelm the customer with facts, we try to work specifically with open questions  


What can we do instead of giving our customer advice? Don’t give traditional advice and take the customer by surprise, but “package” it cleverly e.g.: “What information do you know about your competitors?” Change talk: Don’t hold a monologue, but a dialog  


How do we deal with it if our customer is not yet fully in agreement with our solution? Beware of the correction reflex – don’t necessarily work with tips and advice e.g.: “…but you have already achieved some positive changes with this strategy in the last few months…that was a great success! What would you like to do for the next quarter?” Change talk: acknowledge the customer’s thoughts and take them seriously by actively listening and asking open questions

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