Conduct sales conversations confidently with battle cards

Achieve up to 30 % higher Closingrates with unique Saleswave Battle Cards Software.

Use battle cards globally and improve your sales results

Imagine your entire global sales team:

This takes sales conversations to a new level. Your sales team will master future sales dialogs effortlessly, with conviction and full self-confidence. 


With the Sales Wave software, your global sales team has access to your current lines of argumentations with only one click.


Adapt your USPs to the right personas. Having argumentation guidelines for your market competitors saves time in preparation and increases efficiency.


Confident objection handling and suggestions for excellent need analysis questions make sales dialogs more productive.

Professionally preventing objections

Difficult objections can be prepared professionally and lead to excellent sales arguments during the conversation

Studies show increases in closing rates of up to 30%! Use Sales Wave, the software for battle cards – your competitive advantage in real time!

With the Sales Wave software, you can prepare your sales staff for any sales situation. It offers:

Increase the performance of your sales team

Sales Wave Battle Cards turn salespeople into sales professionals

how do we develop good battle cards?

In a workshop, we show you methods and tools to help you create your sales arguments. Your USPs will be evaluated and the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors are identified.

We set up your first own battle cards and after a maximum of 4 weeks your global sales team will be up and running.

Your battle cards can be implemented with Sales Wave software or in analogue form: “printed playing cards”

Digital Sales Wave battle cards for successful sales conversations

We train your internal administrators so that they can adapt the content of your app in future. This means that your battle cards are always up-to-date and saved digitally.

“Global sales teams really appreciate this practical tool, which is available 24/7. This means that your battle cards are always up-to-date and saved digitally .“

Wilhelm Berghammer
CEO SalesFactory GmbH


You will receive your Battle Cards 4 weeks after our workshop.

You can customize your battle cards at any time in the Sales Wave app. Your content therefore is always up-to-date and saved digitally.

They are available in English and German. Other languages are available on request.

They are available in English and German. Other languages are available on request.

The software also includes content for objection handling. Objections are ranked according to their usefulness so that you know which ones are used frequently and therefore work well. In addition, the content of the battle cards can also be used as telephony guidelines.

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