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We develop high-performance sales organizations. With precision and higher velocity in sales opportunities, we empower people in sales to realize more and more profitable deals.

What our customers say

The program of the SalesFactory has increased the average revenue per salesperson in 4 years by 67%. The special adaptation to our sales targets and the individual adaptation to each individual were the main drivers of success for this.

Dr. Andreas Penz
CEO Trotec Laser GmbH

Our Management Team

Geschäftsführung SalesFacoty Wilhelm Berghammer

Wilhelm Berghammer, MBA


Mag. Günter Kirchberger

Managing Partner

Ulrike Mascherbauer, MSc.


Sigrid Perthmayr

Training Specialist

Florian Woracek Ing. BA MA

Training Specialist

Logo Pfeil SF

Mag. Ronald Pux

Account Manger | Sales Trainer

Sales Performance Group - leads the way in technical sales productivity

The Sales Performance Group is an innovative service provider for sales. Depending on the task at hand, our divisions work autonomously or in an integrated manner to help our customers in Europe sustainably improve their sales performance.




Customer-centric sales + marketing is our great and palpable passion.

With the new buyer behaviors, it also means learning new roles in sales. Digital, agile and value-oriented B2B sales as a planable and controllable production process – that is our craft. In this way, the statement “revenue is producible” also becomes a reality!

Wilhelm Berghammer

Founder and CEO of SalesFactory and Sales Performance Group


Successfully realized projects

Sales trainers around the globe


As an exclusive partner of Richardson Sales Performance, we work within a worldwide sales network and draw on proven resources.

Together with our Rent Sales and Lead Engine business units, we cover the entire field of sales performance management. As a result, we can offer you individual focus areas in order to sustainably increase your sales targets.

Our matter of course

We work on the state-of-the-art approach that sales is a plannable, controllable and controllable process and thus sales can be generated in a targeted manner. We want to implement this approach for our customers in order to sustainably and measurably increase the performance of their sales organizations.

Employees in sales need a clear direction. Orientation through clear goals and tips in the form of concrete instructions for action help to put the sales team on a common, strong footing.

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CEO SalesFactory Günther Kirchberger

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Mag. Günter Kirchberger ist Geschäftsführer der SalesFactory und begleitet seit über 15 Jahren Vertriebsleiter und Verkäufer bei der Steigerung ihrer Salesperformance.