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SalesFactory develops high-performance sales organizations. With precision and higher speed in s Higher completion rates – More new customers – Managing sales opportunities.

More than 20,000 participants in our B2B sales trainings and over 350 projects tell many success stories of how sales teams grow together.

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Increase revenue - What we do differently?

The SalesFactory program has increased average revenue per salesperson by 67% in 4 years. The special adaptation to our sales targets and the individual fitting for each person were significant success drivers for this.

Dr. Andreas Penz
CEO Trotec Laser GmbH

Study confirms: Solution Selling® leads to better performance

1 : Independent Fact-based Industry Research

Customer-centered sales + marketing is our great and noticeable passion.

With the new consumer behaviors, it also means learning new roles in sales. Digital, agile and value-oriented B2B sales as a planable and controllable production process – that is our craft. In this way, the statement “revenue is produceable” becomes a reality!

Wilhelm Berghammer

Founder and CEO of SalesFactory and Sales Performance Group

A study by the independent research institute Aberdeen Group1 confirms that those teams that complete a performance program with Solution Selling® record a significant increase in closings. Of the 835 companies analyzed, those using Solution Selling as a training method were among the top performers.

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How do we respond to the new buyer?

How do we increase the win rate via leading and coaching?

Which new roles must the salesperson take on?

How do we lead channel and trading partners to success

How do we optimize using CRM and pipeline management

How can we increase project success rates?

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CEO SalesFactory Günther Kirchberger
Günter Kirchberger is the managing director of SalesFactory and has been guiding sales managers and salespeople in improving their sales performance for more than 15 years.

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Mag. Günter Kirchberger ist Geschäftsführer der SalesFactory und begleitet seit über 15 Jahren Vertriebsleiter und Verkäufer bei der Steigerung ihrer Salesperformance.